Forged from the mines of Scoria, we bring you Brick Battalion! Fight up to eight players online or with bots in a space battle. By matching and chaining bricks, you can create powerful attacks to crush your enemies.

Online Matchmaking

Brick Battalion let's you play against players of a similar skill level and earn higher ranks with experience. If preferred, you can play cooperatively against bots instead.

Custom Games

You have total control over teams in custom games. Set damage multipliers, bot difficulty and fall speed. Play solo, on teams, FFA or any mix you desire. Spectate matches to learn new techniques.

Profiles and Achievements

Battle stats are kept in your profile. Track your progress in both matchmaking and single player. Earn achievements as you progress.

Single Player Modes

Earn high scores by playing solo. Compare your score with others on the high score table. Play against waves of bots in gauntlet and defeat as many as you can, or play alone to create epic combos.

Supports Offline Play

You can play Brick Battalion even when you don't have an internet connection. Play any game mode with bots instead.

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